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On October 15, 2012 a referendum asking eligible rate payers to agree that the City of Iqaluit may borrow up to $40 Million for the new Aquatic Centre was approved.

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Aquatic Centre Final Design Images - approved by Iqaluit City Council on December 16, 2013

Aquatic Centre Final Design Images - approved by Iqaluit City Council on December 16, 2013

Iqaluit's new Aquatic Centre

A recreation centre is a major part of the social core of a community and has been identified as a major need for Iqaluit. The Recreation Facility is currently planned in two phases: Phase I – an aquatics centre and fitness Facility, and Phase II – a dry recreation centre. When completed, it will stand as one structure devoted to healthy and active living. With the impending closure of Iqaluit’s current pool, the Aquatics Facility takes primary importance. The Aquatics and Fitness Centre will provide an opportunity to build community and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The central vision is to create a facility that is universally accessible; a centralized aquatic space that is a hub for Iqaluit recreational culture.

This facility will meet the needs of both the athletic and leisure swimmers, with a lap pool, leisure pool with waterslide, saunas, and whirlpool. The facility will also provide a new fitness centre with strength training, cardio equipment and a specific area for group fitness classes. Other complementary spaces in Phase 1 include an Elders Area, Pool Party/Multipurpose room and a food and beverage area. This centre will encourage active living through the offering of a truly exceptional athletic and leisure space.

A community fundraising campaign called “REACH” is raising funds for the new Aquatic Centre. By fundraising, corporate sponsorship and donations, the REACH Fundraising Committee aims to raise $3 Million for the new Aquatic Centre. For more information on the REACH Fundraising Campaign contact Amy Elgersma, REACH Fundraising Campaign Chairperson

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Aquatic Centre Information

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Feb.9, 2015

Ten-Year Pro Forma Budget Sheet: Aquatic Centre Project

Sept.7, 2012

Aquatic Centre Financial Information

  • Scenario A
    Aquatic Centre funded equally by the City of Iqaluit and the Governments of Nunavut and Canada
  • Scenario B
    Aquatic Centre funded entirely by the City of Iqaluit

MAY 17, 2011


DECEMBER 6, 2010

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Amy Elgersma
Director of Recreation
phone: (867) 979-5616
fax: (867) 979-3712

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