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Waste Reduction Week in Iqaluit, October 20-26, 2014

 Reducing the amount of waste we produce is a simple way to protect our land and create a healthier environment for our community. Learn more.

We have several options readily available for individuals and families to act more sustainably. Learn more.

As a community, let’s encourage our neighbours and friends to do the same.

ᓴᓂᖃᓗᐊᑦᑕᐃᓕᒪᓂᕐᒥᑦ ᐱᓇᓱᐊᕈᓯᖅ ᐃᖃᓗᓐᓂ, ᐋᑦᑑᐸ 20-26, 2014

ᒥᑭᓪᓕᒋᐊᕆᓂᖅ ᓴᓂᓕᐊᕆᕙᑦᑕᑎᓐᓂᑦ ᐱᔭᕆᐊᑭᓐᓂᖅᐹᖑᔪᖅ ᓄᓇᑦᑎᓐᓂᑦ ᓴᐳᒻᒥᔾᔪᑎᒋᓗᒍ  ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐱᐅᓂᕐᓴᓕᐅᕐᓗᑕ ᓄᓇᒃᑯᑦ ᐊᕙᑎᒥᑦ ᓄᓇᑦᑎᓐᓄᑦ. ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑲᓐᓂᕆᑦ.

ᐊᔾᔨᒌᓐᖏᑦᑐᓂᑦ ᓇᓖᕌᕈᑎᑦᓴᖃᕇᖅᑐᒍᑦ ᐊᑐᐃᓐᓇᐅᔪᓂᑦ ᑭᒃᑯᑐᐃᓐᓇᕐᓄᑦ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐃᓚᒌᓄᑦ ᑲᔪᓰᓐᓇᕈᓐᓇᐅᑎᑦᓴᓂᑦ ᐊᑐᕋᑦᓴᓂᑦ.  ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᑲᓐᓂᕆᑦ.

ᓄᓇᖅᑲᑎᒌᓐᓂᕗᑦ ᐱᓪᓗᒍ, ᑕᐃᒫᑦᑕᐅᖅ ᐊᑐᖁᓚᕗᑦ ᓄᓇᓕᖃᑎᕗᑦ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐱᖃᓐᓂᕆᔭᕗᑦ ᐊᑐᖅᑕᑎᓐᓂᑦ.

Semaine de réduction des déchets, 20-26 octobre 2014

Réduiser la quantité de déchets que nous produisons est une façon de protéger et de  créer un environnement plus sain pour notre communauté. En savoir plus.

Plusieurs options s’offrent aux individus et aux familles qui désirent vivre de façon plus durable. En savoir plus.

En tant que collectivité, encourageons nos voisins et amis à faire de même.

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Welcome to The City of Iqaluit:


Iqaluit, is Nunavut’s Capital and Canada’s coolest arctic city! Whether you are a resident or a visitor, Iqaluit has a lot to offer. The city of Iqaluit is a vibrant community and home to Iqalummiut, a diverse mix of people from across Nunavut, Canada and around the world. They bring their skills, experience and passion as they contribute to Iqaluits’ development and growth. People of Iqaluit are one of our most valuable resources and we are working together towards a better future that will preserve the strengths of our Inuit and northern culture, while embracing the changes of the 21st century.

Our proud city continues to grow, providing many exciting social and economic opportunities. The city of Iqaluit strives to ensure that the services we provide meet the needs and aspirations of young and old, Inuit and non-Inuit, long-time and new residents, business owners and employees. Iqaluit has made a long-term commitment towards sustainable development and is expanding our municipal services to meet the growing and wide range of developmental needs. Through an inclusive planning process involving community residents and major stakeholders, we have completed the Piqutivut – Building Our Capital feasibility study and business plan, for a new Aquatic and Recreation Centre, Emergency and Protective Services Centre and City Hall.

Iqaluit serves as a gateway to all the Baffin region communities. It is also the gateway to Greenland and points east, Yellowknife and points west, Kuujjuaq and Northern Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa.

Iqaluit is a designated port of entry to Canada for international air and marine transportation. Located at the crossroads of both polar and high North Atlantic air routes, Iqaluit airport can handle any type of aircraft. Our city is a great place to stopover, vacation or choose for your meeting venue, given that we have Nunavut’s largest selection of hotels, B+Bs, restaurants and stores. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy fine dining; including a meal of locally and regionally harvested foods, such as muskox burgers, caribou steaks and pan seared arctic char, in any one of our local restaurants.

The city of Iqaluit also offers plenty of recreation activities for our residents and visitors – so come out and have some fun with us! Check out the Recreation section of this website to see all of the sports and recreation activities going on in the city. In addition to the city run programs, Iqaluit is also a great place for fishing and hiking – either around town or at the Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park. For the more adventurous person, boating, snowmobiling, and kite skiing or hunting are favored activities. Any one of our local outfitters are available to take the most adventurous jet boating or jet skiing or guide people on hiking, snowmobile, dog sled or river raft trips at the Katannilik Park situated between Iqaluit and Kimmirut.

The City of Iqaluit is also rich with Inuit culture: come visit our local Nunatta Sunakkataangit Museum; Unikkaarvik Visitor Centre; or take a boat trip to the local heritage site of Qaummaarvik Park just minutes away from the community. Inuit carvings along with local handicrafts may be purchased in a number of stores or directly from the artisan or their family members as they tour the main hot spots around town.

There are endless opportunities for everyone in our City of Iqaluit. We invite all to enjoy the mixture of small town hospitality and city amenities that make Iqaluit a great place to visit and an even better place to live!

It is a privilege and an honor for me to represent the community of Iqaluit as its Deputy Mayor. The city’s Council and Administration will strive to provide excellent services to all its residents and visitors.

We welcome your comments and encourage you to participate fully in our community.

Deputy Mayor Mary Wilman

Mission Statement

Working together with our citizens, we will create a sustainable and environmentally responsible Arctic capital.

By respecting our rich historical and cultural heritage, we will succeed in forging a community government that empowers our citizens to participate in positive community development.


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2015 Business Licenses

Applications and information are now available on the Administration Page

Public Service Announcements

December 17, 2014 - The City of Iqaluit Public Works department would like to advise residents that there is a temporary road closure along the Paipa taxi dispatch building on MIVVIK Street leading up to the Iqaluit airport. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

December 16, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit would like to advise residents of their business hours during the upcoming holidays. Inuktitut   French   English

December 12, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit is presently recruiting for a Chief Administrative Officer who will direct daily administrative operations and provide long-term strategic leadership for the City.

December 12, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit Public Works department would like to advise residents that the Apex Bridge will be closed for maintenance starting Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at 8:00 am and will re-open on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at 5:00 pm. Further details available in Inuktitut, French, and English.

December 11, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit would like to advise all residents that there is a water shutdown effective immediately to repair a water main break from AV216 to AV238. Further details available in Inuktitut and English.

December 4, 2014
- The Annual Iqaluit Christmas Parade will take place this Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 12:00 leaving from Nakasuk School, through four corners and ending at the Arctic Winter Games Arena. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

December 3, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit Mayor Mary Wilman is pleased to announce the observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). Further details availabe in Inuktitut, French and English.

December 2, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit is pleased to announce that both the Sustainability Coordinator and Economic Development Officer are working together with Iqalummiut to create a 2015 Beautification Plan in three steps. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

November 24, 2014
- City Council is looking for residents interested in serving as Members-at-Large in 2015. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

Cardboard and Household Wastes Collection Schedule from October through the end of December 2014. French  English

October 23, 2014
- The City of Iqaluit would like to remind all drivers to use caution and follow safe driving practices when on City roads. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

September 26, 2014 - The City of Iqaluit Public Works department would like to advise residents of a minor change in dates of household waste collection for some housing units. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

August 28, 2014 - The City of Iqaluit with the combined expertise of personnel from various Local, Federal and contract personnel (Hellfire Suppression Services and Global Forensics Inc.) initiated the actions to extinguish the fire at the Iqaluit Landfill today, Thursday, August 28, 2014. Further details available in Inuktitut and English.

August 20, 2014 - In response to the acute situation of our current landfill and the pressures of the landfill fire, the City of Iqaluit is advising residents to begin to separate their garbage. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

July 23, 2014 - The City of Iqaluit would like to advise residents that all household garbage is required to be placed in large garbage bags and not placed into garbage bins in the small, white plastic grocery store bags. Further details available in Inuktitut, French and English.

The Draft Development Scheme for Iqaluit's next neighborhood is open for public review until August 30th, 2014. In the Fall of 2014 the draft will go to council for approval, with a lot draw tentatively scheduled for early 2016. Further details available in Inuktitut and English.
Draft Development Scheme - Inuktitut
Draft Development Scheme - English


Iqaluit Waste Management Project

Sustainable Iqaluit

Sustainable Iqaluit - Moving towards a better long-term future


Visitor's Guide

Map of Iqaluit


City of Iqaluit Recreation

Recreation Guide

Recreation Guide - French

Recreation Guide-Inuktitut

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